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Ugh I’m so frustrated at the moment. I just… I need money. And I can’t get out of the house reliably enough to take a regular job (nobody wants an employee who calls in once a week saying she won’t be there because she dislocated her butt) and apparently everybody in the entire universe is scrambling over the five actual work-from-home jobs that exist. (Which, irrationally, I kinda resent. Leave the cripple jobs for the cripples, dammit!)

I had a fairly good thing going with the transcription stuff for a while, but it is just getting harder and harder to do. I don’t know if my hearing is going or if it’s just that I’m getting crappier files, but I can’t do it anywhere NEAR as fast as I used to, which means I can’t take anywhere near as much, which means my bank balance is worryingly empty.

And I just feel so stuck and trapped and I want a proper life, not one where I have to rely on other people all the time. I don’t know how I can do that, and god knows I will never get back on disability benefits after quitting them to start work, no matter how much ‘look, EDS isĀ degenerative‘ evidence I wave around.

I’m tired.

Wake me up when we have fully automated luxury communism, please.

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