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So I guess my financial situation picked up a bit; I got a new job, at least, which is to say I’m now working on a tarot phone line.

I feel a bit unsure about this whole thing, because honestly, I am pretty damn sure I’m not psychic, and I’m fairly agnostic about whether tarot cards work at all. But, then again, I made sure not to say ‘oh, I’m totally psychic and can see into the future!’ in any way on my profile; it just says that I’m good at interpreting the cards (true) and I’m a good listener (true, I hope).

… which judging from my experience so far, is kind of what people are looking for anyway? Like, maybe it’s because I started on Christmas eve, but damn, I kind of want to hug every person who’s called me so far.

(also, I get like £10+ an hour doing this, which is so much better than the ~£3-4 I’ve been making with transcription lately. It’s emotionally exhausting as fuck, yeah, but it’s a lot less physically tiring.)

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Date: 2016-12-30 10:22 pm (UTC)
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I think most of those people want someone to listen to anyway. I think tarot cards are more about the subconscious than they are about anything Properly Mystical, but most people phoning into those lines really just want help.



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